Band: Sober Truth
Genre: Prog Groove Metal
Album: LOCUST ▼ LUNATIC ASYLUM Release Date: 17.02.2017


Dark Mystical Cover
12 Songs
Melodic Guitars
Powerful Vocals
Great progressiv Songwriting and performance


The beginning of the Album is instrumental and a bit mystical, you have not really an idea what is coming up next.
After the “Introduction” starts “Leave the Locust in the Lunatic Asylum” and upon this point you have the feeling there are coming up some great songs, … yeah and so it is !

Melodic Guitars, well sounding Bass Guitar, Grooving Drums and powerful Vocals.
The Songs “Paragon”, “Murphys Law” and “Powergenerator” have great Vocal work on it, from shouting up to melodical Melodies, you became a big spectrum of Torsten Schramm’s Voice.

The Guitars, Bass and Drums does also a great job, the songwriting ist really good and the rhythmic between Guitars and Drums is working well.
Melodies they came true, harmonize great with the Vocals. “Welcome to Majula” has more Rhythm work on it and “Collapse” has a bit Stoner Rock feel in it, but the songs are not loosing energy.

“My Enemy” … Boom!!! It comes with a lot energy, catchy Guitar riff and punching Drums, your head starts banging. “Layer of Self”, “Procrastination” and “Cold Chapter” are a bit darker, the melodies, harmonies and rhythmic between Vocals, Drums, Bass and Guitars are more technical, solid progressiv work. The last Song

“Sober” starts with Drums And Bass, Guitars came in and the Vocals starting with a great energy and punch. This final Song has a good drive and it’s like a resume from the Album, you became shouting, edgy and melodic Vocals, melodic and heavy Guitars, solid punchy Drums and Bass.


Album Production  ****

Songwriting ****

Performance ****

“Adventurous. Genre Cross. Unconventional:
A small selection of those characteristics that describe the unusual sound of Sober Truth. The style of this band is hard to put into a category..”

– source:


Torsten Schramm – Vocal/Guitar Marvin Creek – Lead Guitar Samir Al-Baw – Drums
Jules Rockwell – Bass


“Paragon” has powerful harmonies, melodies, strong and creativ Vocals on it.
“Procrastination” have a dark but warm mystical feeling intro, great Drums and Bass interaction, combined with catchy heavy Guitar Riffs and melodies, the vocals gives the final touch.


The overall sound of the album is balanced, has a good drive and groove, great progressiv songwriting and structure. Vocals are powerful, with a little dark, deep color on it witch fits perfect between the drums, driving guitars and bass.

All in all, a solid great and not overcompressed album production with heavy grooving Riffs.