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Baixo Calão

releases music video “Esboroável” via Metal Hammer Portugal

The Brazilian band Baixo Calão debuts the music video for the song “Esboroável”. The track is part of the band’s last album, released in 2020 by the label Xaninho Discos and brings all the energy of the Brazilian Grindcore, known all over the world exclusive on the Metal Hammer Portugal website.

“‘Esboroável’, brought the anonymous we lost among so many tombs, as it is to face the symbiosis between the period when the lyrics were written / recorded (before the pandemic) and the pandemic period. That is, a mixture of Theory & Practice, and Satisfaction & Melancholy! Among so many losses, this clip perhaps symbolizes the most significant audiovisual work we have done”, explains the vocalist Leandro Porko.

At the end of 2020 Baixo Calão shared the video for “Pódio de Chegada”, a theme with the participation of João Gordo (Ratos de Porão).


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