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Salava dooms grinds and rides the wave of emotions

Salava is a two-man musical powerhouse from Helsinki, Finland, combining melodic doom and elements from classic heavy rock and progressive music. This songwriting duo, Jukka Salo (vocals) and Sami Suominen (guitar), has become a tightly welded machine working together in previous bands like Saarnastuoli and Planeetta 9. This time the volume has been pumped up to 11, not only that the sound is heavier, but the style and expression is much more versatile. The riff master Sami Suominen is scooping the dark matter from the veins of doom and stoner traditions as the human synthesizer Jukka Salo is blasting away festive and highly emotional vocal lines with tearful lyrics. Salava’s first single Remorse is a five-minute rollercoaster and a pocket symphony that was born out of frustration of the Covid-19 spring of 2020.
Listen to the single:
Remorse -single (Taulamaa Records 2020)

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