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Torrential Rain

"Time Will Tell" release on April 1st 2021

With over 370.000 streams, 20.000 monthly listeners and their lates release „LEFT OUTSIDE“ being featured in Spotify’s editorial playlists „NEW METAL TRACKS“ and „NEW BLOOD“ Germany’s metalcore-newcomers TORRENTIAL RAIN are back at full speed with their new single „TIME WILL TELL“

The four-piece from Nürnberg, Germany really knocked it out of the park last year with the four singles they released to a worldwide audience. It seems like Chris, Domi, Dario and Gordi won’t stop letting their creativity flow either because they just announced their newest single „TIME WILL TELL“ that will be followed up by another three releases in 2021. Songwriter Chris (Vocals/Guitar) will give us some insight into what to excpect from it’s sound and themes:

„‘Time Will Tell‘ probably is our most instrumentally demanding song yet. In these five minutes there are almost no breaks for us to take a breather. We tried to write a song that demands everything we have and even more to keep us evolving and improving. New techniques like playing slap on the guitar or intricate time signature changes really make this song stand out and keep it interessting. We definitely pulled all the stops for this arrangement once again to deliver a nuanced composition I’m really excited for people to hear. The songs lyrics deal with the feeling of not being sure if you have taken the right roads in life or made the right desicions. Slowly but surely these thoughts of endless options and  ‚how it could have been‘ start to overwhelm you. Thoughts some people might very well have experienced first hand during a self reflective time like this. ‚Time Will Tell‘ will probably be my favourite to play live because of the raw energy and the melodies that hopefully will be stuck in peoples heads on their way home.“

Since February 2021 you can buy all four singles with an added BONUS REMIX of „HOME ALONE“ by CEDRIK for a PAY WHAT YOU WANT PRICE on

This is your chance to support TORRENTIAL RAIN.

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