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Death Metal act from St. Petersburg Russia

Skorb is a four-piece Death Metal act from St. Petersburg Russia. The anonymous group plays a very dark and mesmerizing style combining Death Metal with elements of Black and Doom Metal. Skorb was only founded in 2019 and quickly turned to produce first EP consisting of five tracks, which was recorded in Dec 2019-Jan 2020. Quickly after releasing their first track as a still image video on Youtube, German label Corrupted Flesh Records discovered their potential and signed them to a tape release of the self-titled demo EP which will be hitting the (virtual) shelves on April 23, 2021. Currently Skorb are writing the songs for their first full length album, to be released on vinyl through Corrupted Flesh Records in 2022.

In terms of style the four Russians name Death Metal giants Suffocation and Entombed as their inspirations, showing in the hammering groove of their song structures. Other influences include Portal as well as fellow phantom-image band Mgla from Poland, who lend the mysterious element of anonymity as well as the raging full-speed black metal riffs that cut the overall rocking Death Metal groove of Skorb’s sound. Slowly dragging parts underlaid with monk-like chants top the mélange with a mesmerizing black mass feeling.

Overall a very strong debut and a must for fans of Death Metal with an extremely dark edge.

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