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NOISKIN To Release New Single “Save me”, Out December 18th!

Alternative metallers NOISKIN are set to release their new single “Save me”, coming out on December 18th. “Save me” is dedicated to a friend who passed away last summer.

The band announces:
“Save me” is dedicated to a friend of ours who passed away last summer. It’s a song about rage and pain, that has given us the strength to carry on during these very hard times, aware that we have to live every single day as if it were the last one. There are things that we can change, some others we cannot. We have to be wise in understanding the difference.

Art by Leonardo Colombo & Sonia Balestri

In 2015, Luca (lead vocals) and Marco (lead guitar) teamed up with their longtime friend Simone (bass guitar) and met Federico (drummer). A common mindset and the different though keen musical backgrounds were the perfect soil to plant the Noiskin seed. The band soon started to work on their first tracks, and found their musical dimension into the alternative metal scene. Songs soon started to draw the common scenario that would become the first full length, Hold Sway Over, released in February, 2019: a concept album revolving around the theme of choices and the situations they put you into. While the album was being written and recorded, the band gigged around northern Italy. Noiskin is not only music. Noiskin means communicating, it means feeling, it is sharing.

“One by One” video:

‘As I Lay Dying’ Quarantine version:
‘Hold Sway Over’ lyric video:
‘Haze’ music video:

Band-photo by Leonardo Colombo

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