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Astral Bazaar’s

new single combines dreamy modern indie psychedelia sounds to classic

The song sets the scene for Astral Bazaar’s new concept album, A Sudden Realization, to be released in March. It tells the story of a person living in an imaginary future world where all is seemingly perfect, yet the protagonist feels that something is wrong. Musically the song combines the dreamy sounds of modern indie psychedelia with the feel and style of a classic progressive rock piece.
Listen to the single on music services:
Band comments on the new single and the upcoming album:
“On this album we wanted to really focus on the interplay between the lyrics and the music. Throughout the album we tried to make our experimental sounds play a certain role in the storyline and let the different musical choices reflect the varying moods of the narrator. The Y10K Problem certainly is no exception here. The chorus is played in a slightly odd time-signature in contrast to the lyrics that describe a world that is symmetric and perfectly aligned. This contrast unravels in the gloomy bridge, where the narrator has an out of body experience of sorts. From that moment on, the illusion of a perfect world in his mind starts to shatter.”
Instruments: Electric guitars, bass guitar, drums
Genre: Psychedelic rock / progressive rock / art rock
Location: Helsinki / capital area (Finland)

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