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Bom Lulu combines traditional Finnish rock and Nu metal groove

What happens when a progressive/nu-metal drummer, an acoustic singer-songwriter, and a sworn traditional Finnish metal fan collaborate? The answer is Bom Lulu with their new single “Kaikki Ovet” from their upcoming album, “Uuteen Satamaan.” With its super-charged guitar riffs, stylish drum work, and a strong chorus,
Watch the music video:

“Kaikki Ovet” defines Finnish Rock for 2020. In a year of disappointments and closed doors, it will feel good to be alive for the duration of this song and you’ll be ready to face new challenges.
Bom Lulu is made up of Jukka Ruottinen, Janne Riikola and Mikko Pakanen + guest guitar soloist Tuomas Laurila.

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