Out today the “FORUM JULII” Lyric video by Celtic Hills that is the first single taken from the forthcoming album ‘BLOOD OVER INTENTS‘ which will be published on April 24 by ELEVATE RECORDS on all digital platforms and at the end of the month on physical support (CD).

A disc of powerful and traditional melodic Death Metal with Power influences, a must for lovers of the genre but also for those who love classic and EPIC METAL atmospheres. Enjoy and see you on the 24th with full length album ‘BLOOD OVER INTENTS’

Celtic Hills are a group that plays a melodic death Metal with, in the vein of bands like Amon Amarth but without losing reference to the classics of the genre like Manowar and others. Their themes are various always referring to the epic deeds of people or battles as in this Forum Julii where the battle that bears the name of the song is narrated


01: Forum Julii
02: Blood Flows Down
03: A Happy Abdicant King
04: Time
05: When The Snow Cover The Ground
06: Ber For All
07: Avari Horn



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