ISOCHRON, the third offering from the Finnish progressive death metal act Denominate, is massive in ambition and proportion alike. The Finns hone their sound and style into a razor-sharp point, delivering a precise offering in both technique and composition with emotion ranging from the soul crushingly heavy to soaring melodic heights.
The story of the album takes the listener on a journey spanning millennia, exploring themes about the nature of the universe and the morality of actions taken in an indifferent world.

Denominate, hailing from Finland, delivers precise extreme metal in both delivery and composition alike. The band has its roots in the brutal and technical while having evolved the sound above and beyond these origins, offering a finely-honed sonic onslaught infused with emotion expressed through thoughtful melody and arrangement.

Track list:
1. The Chain
2. Departure
3. Abandoned
4. Succession
5. Desolation
6. The Chronicler
7. Isochron

Cover art by Juha Vuorma.

Kimmo Raappana – Guitar / Main Songwriter
Eetu Pylkkänen – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Joni Määttä – Drums
Ville Männikkö – Vocals
Tuomas Pesälä – Bass

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