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Depressed but Alive by Octopus Head

“Depressed, but Alive” is the first live album by the stoner metal band Octopus Head, which has just been released via Abraxas on all streaming platforms. Last work with former singer Thiago Wallkicker, the material has energetic and sincere records of a selection of songs from all the previous albums of the band. In addition to an unreleased track, “Honey Hunting”, which will be present in his next single with a premiere planned for January 2021.
“Honey Hunting” is the new song that closes the live “Depressed, but Alive”. She tells about a traditional Nepalese culture that is being destroyed by psychedelic tourism and its absorption by “white dread” culture. The sound that is included in the new album is exceptionally in its quintet version, but will soon appear in our future releases with our new lineup.
“With this work, we closed a cycle in great style. Therefore, we try to make this material as raw as possible, the way it was captured, to give listeners the feeling of being in a show with our original line-up”, comments Mega , bassist and new vocalist of the band. Therefore, no overdub was performed and all song changes made during the show were kept on record. The mixing was done by Guilherme Fructuoso, drummer for Cranial Crusher and Cemitério, with mastering and post production on behalf of the band itself, with Gabriel Piotto, guitarist, playing the process. The album was recorded in October 2019 at the Container Pub Stop in Diadema-SP, during the Container Underground Fest festival ”.
A curious fact that contributes to the naturalness and authenticity of the final material is that although previously agreed, on the day of the recording, the band members forgot that they would be recorded and became heavily numb. In this way, they played with no idea that the audio was being recorded. What made possible the generation of a material that besides not being influenced by the occasion, became a faithful record of how the group sounded at this time: stoned, heavy, crazy and urgent!
“Depressed, but Alive” besides being a tribute to our original vocalist for these eight years of friendship, music and beatings, it is also dedicated to everyone who, like the members of Octopus Head, are depressed, but insisting on living “, adds Damiã Guilhen, drummer.

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