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Diamante coming back after six years with the single Road My Life

“Road, My Life” is the brand new studio single by Italian rock band, Diamante.

The song represents their first official release in English, performed by the new singer Matteo Metelli, who joined the line-up three years ago. Matteo perfectly integrated with his fellow bandmates thanks to a long list of live performances, where Diamante proposed shows focused on 70’s hard rock covers. Six years after their latest full-length album, “Ad Vitam Reditus“, the Brescia-based group felt the need to create again something original. Penned in collaboration with Oscar Burato and Letizia Maestrello from Monday Shock“Road, My Life” hinges on a new beginning: leaving everything behind, trying to treasure our own mistakes, and hoping that the next opportunity will mark a turning point. The sound is rich, colorful, and deeper than before, but still influenced by their 70’s-infused background.

The single, available on all digital platforms, was produced by Oscar Burato at Sonic Bang Studio in Isorella (Brescia, Italy); the video was shot by Moviedel Productions.



Matteo Metelli: Lead Vocals

Michele “Volpe” Spinoni: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Nico Sala: Bass, Backing Vocals

Alan Garda: Hammond, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Claudio “Caio” Alloisio: Drums, Backing Vocals

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