Released today Endless Nine’s new single ‘Mirror of Desire’ that anticipates the album ‘InDeepEndEnt’ to be released in October on CD and Vinyl on Elevate Records

Together with the single – available from today on all digital platforms – the new official video is also released


InDeepEndEnt will contain in addition to ‘Mirror Of Desire’ other five tracks’ including ‘I Am’, whose visualizer will see the light with the presentation of the album it will contain and also the three tracks of the previous EP “Concrete”,

here is the tracklist of InDeepEndEnt

1) I Am
2) In My Head
3) Control Mind
4) The Mirror Of Desire
5) Breathe
6) How Far?

+ Concrete

7) Kill Hattori Hanzo
8) Rise And Shine
9) To Your Soul