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Finnish blackgaze band Einvigi

Finnish Turku-based Blackgaze band Einvigi released a second single and music video from their upcoming debut album Sielulintu which is set to be released on December 11th 2020 by Inverse Records.
Watch Soturin Uni music video:

Band comments:
“Soturin Uni (”Warriors dream/sleep”) was the first song to be composed from the album. It set the tone on what kind of sounds and atmosphere the album would reflect. The lyrics tell of a person who after fighting enough for one lifetime wishes to let go, to move on from this world and finally become part of something greater, a part of nature’s beauty. The song also addresses the theme of the whole album, how thin and fickle the line between dream and reality can be.”
Listen to Soturin Uni single:

Sielulintu (Soul bird) by Einvigi is a dive to dreamworld themed with nature and Finnish mythology. In July 2020 the band signed with Inverse Records to publish their debut album Sielulintu. The feel of the songs flow through traditional instrumental rock and all the way to the atmospheres of black metal. Einvigi’s music has been categorized also as blackgaze. A genre pioneered by the French band Alcest.
The album was recorded and produced by Einvigi during late 2019 and early 2020. Mixing was done during summer 2020 by Severi Peura, known from bands such as Sisare and Severi Peura & Selvännäkijät. Finally the album mastering was performed by Jaime Gomez Arellano, known amongst other things by his collaboration with bands such as Ghost and Paradise Lost. Sielulintu is a tight six song entity, with which the Einvigi aims to make a completely new opening in the Finnish metal scene.
Einvigi is a Finnish band founded in 2014. The band was founded by singer and guitarist Petteri Granberg. Other members of the band include guitarist Krister Virtanen (Concrete Icon), drummer Henri Sund (Modern Day Citizen) and bassist Joonas Koppanen, who is also responsible for the growling vocals.
Petteri Granberg – Guitar & vocals
Joonas Koppanen – Bass & screams
Henri Sund – Drums
Krister Virtanen – Guitar

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