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HANE is a musical project

HANE is a musical project that looks back to the ‘80s Anthem Rock and jumps forward to contemporary Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal scene. The band was created by Marco Fanella and Giampaolo Polidoro and it’s formed by five musicians. The trademark elements of HANE sound are the solid guitar riffing, the catchy choruses interpreted by the powerful and versatile voice of Giampaolo, a strong rhythm section that can fit into the 80’s Hard Rock ‘till the most complex Progressive Metal architectures. HANE aim to find their own space in the international Metal scene, relying on a in-your-face sound and a polished but mean songwriting. This is HANE.


Incompatible Shadow [OFFICIAL AUDIO] –

Killin’ Memories [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] –

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