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Metal Against Coronavirus Project


Metal Against Coronavirus Project – Feat. SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE – To Release Single ‘On the Edge of Consciousness’ On February 3rd!

International ‘Metal Against Coronavirus Project’ – feat. Experimental death metal combo SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE – will release a new single for ‘On the Edge of Consciousness’ on February 3rd. Alongside SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE, the single is featured by the members of Terrorizer, Foscor, Exctinction/ Phthisis and Soziedad Alkoholika.

Metal Against Coronavirus stated:
“On the Edge of Consciousness is the fourth single of Metal Against CoronaVirus. This time around we have musicians and artists from two different continents collaborating in a song that will take you on a journey to the edge of your consciousness.“

Sam Molina – Vocals (Terrorizer)
Falke – Guitars (Foscor)
Isaac Gonzalez – Keyboards (Survival Is Suicide)
Andoni Bassman – Bass (Exctinction/ Phthisis – Bilbao)
Alfred Berengena – Drums (Soziedad Alkoholika)

Music by Epojè & Zaratozom of Survival Is Suicide
Lyrics by Sam Molina (Terrorizer)
Mixed and Mastered by Alfred Berengena from Your Sound Recording Studio
Artwork by Matt Cavotta


Metal against coronavirus is a creative project that calls for the participation of the entire international metal community to raise funds for the fight against coronavirus. More information at


There is nothing usual about SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE’s experimental extreme metal. Seven years after their first album, “…Just Like Spiders Eat Flies” (2011), the Catalan duo breaks the mold again thanks to their own brand of spatial and twisted death metal, a very personal 90’s like proposal which can be described as a mix of MORBID ANGEL and PESTILENCE with the avant-garde symphonic black by ARCTURUS or LIMBONIC ART. On paper it might look weird, but in the hands of Epojè (drums) and Zaratozom (bass, bass synth, voices), it all flows wonderfully thanks to progressive smashers such as ‘Beauty Of A Stoned Machine’ or ‘Complication’. If, when listening to ‘Chrysalis’, you feel like you’re immersed in Blade Runner’s cyberpunk universe, do not freak out, VANGELIS and movie soundtracks are also amongst their sources of inspiration. And all of that of course without a single guitar to be heard! After playing in the main cities of Spain, as well as participating in festivals such as the Bilbao Deathfest and the Kanya Fest, the band is ready to make the leap to Europe and beyond.

SURVIVAL IS SUICIDE’s second album “Retrovolution” (released April the 6th, 2018) gained lots of excellent reviews in Spanish and International media. Their particular brand of experimental death metal really strikes a chord with any metalhead seeking new experiences. The drummer Epojè, one of the two brothers who form this duo, avails of an impressive technique and a great reputation in his country. Being a student of his friend Pete Sandoval, of Morbid Angel and Terrorizer, is definitely one of the reasons behind his abilities at the drums.

– Demon (official video):

– Retrovolution (drum playthrough):
– Complication (single track):

More information at:

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