Band: JackMantra Genre: HardRock



11 Songs
Driving Guitars with catchy riffs present, powerful Vocals
Solid grooving Drums and Bass Guitar


The album has a pleasant mixture of modern, energetic, fast, powerful and slightly slower songs. The listener gets a good HardRock album with catchy guitar riffs, powerful voice, and solid rhythmic section.

From the first guitar chord you know, this is a HardRock album.
The opening track “Rage” has a little kind of Stoner Rock feel, you can’t stop head banging, guitars and vocals are working well together, great melodies and drums and the bass does a great rhythm work. The next songs “Save Me, Waiting, Hold On” are similar to the opening track, great rhythm work, great guitar riffs and strong lyrics with a great leading voice. The song “You And I” is a bit slower and melancholy, has this amazing clean opening guitars, also great lyric work, catchy melodies and powerful chorus. “Poison, Mary Mary, Why I Am and Let It Go” have great rhythmic works on it, and the voice is more playing with the guitar riffs. The final tracks “Wasted Lady and War” have a bit more darker and melancholy mood, there are great bass lines and more melodic vocals on it.

The guitars determine the mood of the respective songs, the voice continues the mood and the lyrics fit harmoniously with the mood, drums and bass form a good foundation. The order of the songs for the album fits well to one another, in the middle of the album it becomes a bit melancholy, but it does not lose energy. In the end it becomes a bit heavier which builds a great closing of the album. The album has a good songwriting, good riff and rhythm.


Album Production ****



“4 guys have just turned your secret into a reality by bringing that euphoric and somewhat nostalgic memory to life. They tackle important issues with songs like “Why I am”, “Poison” and “War” and show a passion for music that is undeniable.”

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Darrell – Vocals Joe – Guitar Mike – Drums Larry – Bass


“You And I” has very beautiful harmonies, melodies and strong lyrics – a classic HardRock ballade and “Save Me” has great heavy driving guitar riffs, hypnotizing guitar solo, straight grooving drums, crunchy bass and a powerful leading voice.


If you like handmade music, this is the right choice. Solid and modern HardRock.
The overall sound of the album is balanced, modern, a little bit melancholy and not overcompressed, which makes it pleasant to listen. Vocals are clear, powerful and fit perfect between punchy drums, driving guitars and the warm crunchy bass.

All in all, a solid record with great songs.