RMN: Where are you from and what’s the origin of your band/artist name?

Halo creation: We are from Vienna, Austria. The name Halo Creation came up at a rehearsal, we were talking about ideas for the name and what would fit to our music soundwise. After a while I brought the word Halo in, and the we all together thought about which second word would complete the name, and would cope with the power of our music.

RMN: Introduce shortly your band members and history

Halo creation: I am Eva, and I am the vocalist, I do screaming and growling. Then there is Thibaud, an excellent guitarist and songwriter, Leo is also shredding the guitar at its best, Dominic plays the heavy bass and Armin is the master of technique on the drums.

We started to rehearse in the beginning of 2014. In the summer of the same year we recorded our demo which contains four songs. After that, in fall, we started to play live and our first show was already with Graveworm. After playing some more shows we started to write new material again and today we are finishing the last songs before we record our first album.

RMN: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

Halo creation: We dont talk about genre names very often, but we would probably call it Death Metal, with oldschool elements in it. We all have different favorite bands, so there are metal bands from all genres who influences us.

RMN: What are the main themes or topics for your songs?

Halo creation: The songs are about life and death, freedom, fear, hate and love, all what matters in a life of a human being. There are people in my surroundings who influence the lyrics, but most of it is made up by myself.

RMN: Where have you already performed and  do you have any upcoming shows?

Halo creation: We already performed with bands like Graveworm, Jinjer, or Illdisposed and did a festival show at STP Metal Weekend. This summer for example, we will play at the Headbangers Desaster Festival in Austria and at the Metal Hydra Festival.

RMN: Any last words?

Halo creation: Everbody who reads this, go to our facebook page and inform yourself about our shows and news regarding our upcoming album. If you do so,  Halo Creation will be very thankful and glad to see you maybe already at our next show.

ALL ANSWERS ARE GIVEN BY EVA OSWALD (vocalist for halo creation)