Ruby Bouzioti, an Athens (GR) based metal singer and I would like to present you the 7th video from my “Cover Sessions” which is “The Reckoning” by Within Temptation! Recorded / Mixed / Mastered at E n’ D Productions Studio ( and filmed / edited by Dimitris Balabakis  (
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Born in 1993 in Diakopto, Greece. I became a member of a local kids choir at the age of 13. Started classical singing lessons in 2014 for about six months and joined my first band, Vault of Acanthus, helping them for the pre-production of their debut album “Life, Light & Darkness”. Moved to Athens in 2015 and started my youtube channel collaborating with many Greek musicians such as Eleni Nota, Apollo Siakandaris etc. Since then I have worked as an independent singer for numerous Greek rock bands for backing vocals in Sierra Studios and not only. Worked as a session artist for “On Thorns I Lay” in 2018. Worked as a voice actress for a “Digital Combat Simulation” game (DCS F-18C – “Far From North” campaign) in 2019. Started modern singing lessons in 2019. Collaborated with the Swiss black metal band “Borgne” for their album “Y” released in 2020. In 2020, I also worked as a voice actress for the short animated film “The Varmint and the Nymph” (soon to be released).
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