Italian metal band KALAHARI is proud to announce the signature with The Metallist PR agency for the worldwide promotion of the upcoming Theia EP, scheduled to be released on June, 26th.

The band members have a musical background that touches different shades of the metal genre. Powerful break-downs and galloping riffs alternated with acoustic arpeggios and sinuous melodies: the result is an overwhelming sound, which remains clean, and still. Vocalist Nicola Pellacani stated:

Theia has been a hell of a ride. A 5 track EP might not seem that big of a deal on paper, but recording this thing was a real challenge for us. This record signs a transition for KALAHARI. We have always been an underground band and this represents our first approach with the environment of a professional studio. We understood there is still so much to learn, and this is the message we have for all the young bands like us out there: be hungry! Never stop learning and always listen, but chose well who you are going to listen to.”

Guitarist Gabriele Bartolucci added:

“We can define this EP as the glue that put us together. This record will not only take you on a journey with its concept, starting with Theia, catastrophic inception, and ending with Cabled Core, which signs the highest delusion, but will also bring you on a ride through the different shades of Metal that portrays us as singles and now as a whole. Trust us, listening to the Theia EP will keep your headphones tight around your ears… and we promise this is just the beginning!”

Theia EP has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Mathlab Recording Studio (The Agonist, Ingested, Cryptopsy) by Jonathan Mazzeo. The artwork is by Ludovico Cioffi – LC Artworks.


Track Listing:

  1. Theia (5:36)
  2. Followers of the Lich (3:34)
  3. Zombie Night (2:27)
  4. I Am the Mountain (6:11)
  5. Cabled Core (4:24)



Nicola Pellacani: Vocals

Gabriele Bartolucci: Guitars

Gino Annichiarico: Guitars

Joshua Pini: Bass

Alessandro Visani: Drums







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